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Sky-High Opulence: 10 Hollywood A-Listers and Their Lavish Private Aircraft

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1. Taylor Swift: Elegance in the Sky with a Dassault Falcon 900 and Falcon 50

Renowned for her songwriting prowess and enchanting voice, Taylor Swift ensures she travels in equal grandeur. With a $40 million Dassault Falcon 900 and a Falcon 50, she seamlessly navigates her global tours and transatlantic jaunts to her British beau, encapsulating the glitz and glamour of her lifestyle in her private jets.

2. Jay-Z and Beyoncé: The Power Couple’s Majestic Bombardier Challenger 850

Music industry moguls Jay-Z and Beyoncé command the skies with their impressive $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850, an embodiment of their magnificence. With Jay-Z’s name – S. Carter – adorning the side, the jet stands as a testament to their empire, carrying them in unabashed opulence and splendour.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Cruising the Skies with the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS

The world-renowned media powerhouse, Oprah Winfrey, complements her extraordinary life journey with an equally impressive $42 million Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS. This magnificent flying machine is not just a testament to her astounding success but also a symbol of inspiration to millions worldwide.

4. Tyler Perry: A Home Above the Clouds in a Gulfstream III

Living up to his reputation for flair and extravagance, filmmaker Tyler Perry created a flying mansion worth over $125 million in his Gulfstream III. Equipped with a conference room, entertainment centre, dining room, and bedroom, this isn’t just a jet—it’s a skyward extension of his home.

5. Jim Carrey: The Comedic Maestro’s Gulfstream V

Hollywood’s laughter king, Jim Carrey, travels in a $59 million Gulfstream V, a testament to his triumphant career. Adding a philanthropic touch, Carrey even offers his jet on lease to friends, ensuring that the luxury and comfort of private travel can be shared – for $8,000 per hour!

6. Jackie Chan: Double Delight with Embraer Legacy 650 and 500

Action star Jackie Chan demonstrates his affinity for Embraer jets, owning two of these high-performance aircraft. His fleet includes the Legacy 650 and 500, costing $30 million and $20 million respectively. Whether it’s for a short jaunt or a long haul, Jackie is always flying in style.

7. Harrison Ford: Sky Captain in a Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign

Actor and certified pilot, Harrison Ford, navigates the heavens in his luxurious Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign, the crowning jewel of his aviation collection. His passion for flight extends beyond personal travel; he inspires young minds with his knowledge and love for the skies.

8. Tom Cruise: Timeless Traveler in a Gulfstream IV

In a nod to his ageless appeal, Tom Cruise prefers the timeless class of his $36 million Gulfstream IV, purchased in 1998. Beyond his jet-setting life, he is also the proud owner of a classic P-51 Mustang, showcasing his enduring love for aviation.

9. Céline Dion: Harmonizing Luxury in a Bombardier BD 700 Global Express

The melodious Céline Dion matches her soothing tunes with smooth journeys in her $42 million Bombardier BD 700 Global Express. With multiple amenities for comfort and relaxation, it is a deserving indulgence for the star who continues to enchant us with her voice.

10. John Travolta: The Airborne Aficionado’s Fleet


With an estimated collection of 6 to 11 aircraft, John Travolta is a true aviation aficionado. He flies and parks his treasure trove of aircraft – including a Boeing 707, Eclipse 500, and Bombardier Challenger 601 – at his private runway. His fleet is a testament to his wealth, success, and unbridled passion for aviation.

Written by Ahmed Maqrhi

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