10 Creative Text Messages To Win Your Girl Back

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Losing your girlfriend after a break up can be very hurting and devastating, especially when you caused the breakup, and you still have a feeling for her making you want her back. Most couples after a break up give each other a silent treatment and even cut off all communications that were previously made when they were together.Communication is typically done in two ways, either through calls or text messages. When the break up is still fresh, and your girl is still mad at you, chances that she will receive any call you make in an attempt to reach her are very minimal. This leaves the best way to reach her is through text messages which she may choose to reply or not to reply.

However, text messages have a good side in that once they are delivered, chances are high that the receiver reads them whether you do or don’t get any reply. Text messages are considered to be the most powerful tools in your mission to winning your girl back only if you use them correctly; if not, you might actually end up worsening the situation and losing her for good. So, how should you use text messages to win your girl back? Before you start to use text messages to win your girl back, there are a number of basic steps to follow for you to be a success. They include:
• Step one: Choose the right time to text her.
• Step two: Make the text messages as creative as possible.
• Step three: Use the text messages for your own gain to rebuild trust, attraction, and connection.

Following the three steps can really help you in your mission of winning your girl back. However, this is only possible when you have the right words to write on the text messages. The second step has a lot of effects because this is what drives her to reply to your text messages and actually make you have a good conversation with her. So how do you write a creative text message in order to win your girl back?

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Written by Ali Kismat

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