Rolex Yacht Master

Yacht-Master is another watch designed for sports enthusiasts. This initial model was released in 1992 and came in 18-carats yellow gold. Two years later, the lady’s model was released. This model is automatic and has an analog display. The new models of Yacht-Master are fitted with a cabre 3235 and a bidirectional rotatable bezel, with 60 minutes cerachrom bezel insert in black ceramic. The Oysterflex bracelet makes the watch robust, reliable, and flexible. If you want a timepiece that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, then this is an excellent choice. It has been worn by celebrities such as Brad Pitt. A new one will cost you $ 11,000.

How to Buy Rolex Yacht-Master?

  • You can buy Online along with a Certificate of Authenticity by clicking here.
  • You can buy offline by finding Rolex authorized dealer in your area.