Coronavirus Distribution in The World

First International case outside China was reported in Thailand on January 13, 2020, the first case reported in the United States was on January 21, 2020. France was the first European Country to report the disease on January 24. In Canada, it was reported on January 26. All reported cases were travelers returning from China or had contact with someone returned from China.

As Novel Coronavirus 2019 does not know borders or boundaries, between January 26, 2020, and February 26, 2020, major changes in the spread of infection were reported.

Below are the major countries including China were considered a high risk to travel to as of February 26, 2020. Those countries are:

  • China 78,080 cases
  • South Korea 1,595 cases
  • Italy 470 cases
  • Japan 172 cases
  • Iran 139 cases