10 Signs Your Body Trying to tell You it is Suffering From Gluten

Sign #3: Recurring Migraine

A lot of people suffer from a headache or migraine occasionally. It’s a common condition that affects around 10-12% of the Western population. However, if migraine appears too often, it can be a cause for concern, especially if you’re gluten intolerant.
Interestingly, several studies revealed that those with gluten intolerance are more prone to migraines compared to others. If you have migraines that occur regularly without any clear cause, it might be because you’re sensitive to gluten.
You might wonder: what is the connection between gluten and migraine?
For some people, gluten could trigger migraines. There have been several studies that confirmed the connection between celiac disease and migraine. A recurring migraine can be an early indicator of celiac disease, and those suffering from celiac disease are more likely to experience recurring migraines.
According to researchers, the connection between celiac disease and migraine is due to increased gut permeability and inflammation. As your gut starts “leaking” inflammatory compounds toward the bloodstream, they can easily find their way into the brain, thereby causing migraines.
The connection is so strong that some researchers even recommend that individuals who suffer from recurring migraines should consult with their doctors to check the possibility of celiac disease. Surprisingly, this connection isn’t just exclusive to celiac disease. It’s also found in individuals who have intestinal disorders such as the IBS.
There are only a few studies conducted to address this issue. Fortunately, they did find that having a gluten-free diet can significantly reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of migraines. Although they are still in their preliminary phase, it seems that the results of a gluten-free diet showed a massive decline in both the duration and intensity of migraines. Further research is still required to confirm, but the results suggest that having a gluten-free diet can be a major help to relieve migraines and headaches without relying on expensive medications.

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