10 Amazing Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

Lovely Cats!

Usually, cats are said to be less affectionate towards their owners compared to other pets like dogs. But this is not the case because cats just love their owners like any other pets. Though cats don’t run to their owners when they enter the house like dogs, they show love in many other different ways. Below is a list of how cats show love to their owners

1. Purring

cat purring

This is the most common way that cats show their love and happiness to their owners. When cats are happy and relaxed, they often start rumbling and producing some vibrating noises.

2. Bunting

Cat Bunting

Bunting is the best way cats show their love, and they want everybody to see. Bunting involves cats rubbing their heads or cheeks on your head or clothes. By bunting, cats assume to show they are marking you as a very important person in their life.

3. Kneading

Cat Kneading

Kneading behaviors in cats can be traced back to kitten-hood. Kittens knead against their mother’s breast so as to boost the milk that is released. Adult cats don’t grow out of kneading as they continue kneading when they feel loved, contented, and most relaxed. This is most common when cats are on the owner’s lap. They knead to show an expression of adoration.

4. Rolling

Cat Rolling

Unlike children who roll on the floor when they are upset and angry, cats roll when they are excited and happy to see you. Cats might as well run or walk to you, throw themselves down and start rolling around you. This shows a loving gesture, and it means that they want attention from you, especially if the cat shows their belly to you.

5. Scratching

Cat Scratching

Cats may scratch the carpets or couch occasionally. This leaves visual marks and scents to show ownership. If you pay attention to the places cats scratch the most, you’ll realize the areas are associated with the cat owner.

6. Grooming

Cat Lick

When cats are connected and are close to their fellow cats, they mutually groom. Grooming helps cats relax, show loyalty, and it also scent marking that is important to cats for recognizing friends and family members. Cats also do the same to their owners through licking just to show love.

7. Slow blinking

Slow Blinking

Cats show love trough the eyes by looking at you while slowly blinking or with tiny half-closed eyes. Through blinking, a cat is sending cat kisses to you. This behavior shows affection towards you as they try to strengthen their relationship with their owners. 

8. Vocalization

Cat Meaoing

This is seen through meowing. Kittens meow while interacting with their mothers. Adult cats rarely meow, and when they do, they are trying to interact and bond with their owners to show love.

9. Nipping through small bites

Cat Nipping

Nipping is another way cats show love to you, especially through nipping your fingers. Though it might look like aggressive behavior, it not because they do it so gently, this is common when you are petting them.

10. Tail posture

Cat Tail Posturing

Cats show a lot of love to you, depending on how they position their tails. When a cat has his or her tail positioned straight upwards and slightly tipped over at the end, this shows the love they have for you. 

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