7 Ways You Can Make Your Tacos

Forget about the classic way of making your tacos, It is summer time and it is the time to be adventurous even with your own food.  Here are simple ideas where you can spice up your tacos and take them to the next level but in a very simple way. The ideas are so delicious that you will find hard to resist.

  1. Smoky Cauliflower Tacos (with Blender Romesco Sauce)This one has so much flavor that you won’t even notice that it doesn’t have meat. And, the romesco sauce is great on breakfast tacos, too (next on the list)!
  2. Breakfast TacosThese don’t have to be only for breakfast. We are big fans of breakfast for dinner at our house!
  3. Fish Tacos I originally paired these fish tacos (see page 218 in my Fast and Fabulous cookbook) with fresh pico de gallo, but have since discovered they’re equally as good with this mango salsa. Mmmm, hard to choose!
  4. Lentil and Mushroom Tacos
    If you’re going to go meatless but aren’t a meatless fan, then your best bet is to make it hearty with lentil and mushrooms as the perfect sub.
  5. Grill a Flank Steak (Carne Asada)So many ways to do this, but we love to marinade, grill, and thinly slice our Carne Asada! This one is also in my On a Budget cookbook 
  6. Make it a taco bowl by serving all the fixings over brown rice or use big lettuce cups (in place of tortillas).Hard to beat the fresh, healthy crunch of lettuce with all the goodies filled up inside. Much better for you than a deep-fried crunchy shell! Or just make it easy and pile everything on top of some brown rice.
  7. Deconstruct your tacos and serve them as a DIY Healthier Homemade Nacho Bar!This may be our new favorite way to switch things up…who doesn’t love some warm saucy cheese!? Granted, the chips are deep-fried, but everything else is pretty good for you.



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