No family will leave Peru disappointed, particularly after taking in the world-famous Machu Picchu. That said, little children might be overwhelmed by the high altitude and lots of walking required to experience the World Heritage Site. Beyond this must-see attraction, Peru also has a thriving food scene, romantic old villages and oodles of charm.
Flying to Lima, Peru’s capital, is nearly half the cost of travel to most other South American countries. Navigating within the country, as well as accommodations and food, is inexpensive to begin with and only buoyed by a strong U.S. dollar.
The key to spending time at Machu Picchu affordably requires research and planning ahead. There are plenty of budget-friendly accommodations at the base of the mountain, and most of them are happy to recommend a licensed guide to help make the most of the vast history at the site. With preservation in mind, entrance tickets are limited. If you have older children, the steep hike up Huayna Picchu is spectacular and requires a separate ticket.

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