Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Oyster Perpetual Submariner watch has been termed as the reference watch among divers. It was the first divers watch capable of withstanding a depth of 330 feet. Perpetual submariner is waterproof and scratchproof. It is resistant to ultraviolet light and seawater – which is high on chlorine.

It comes with a unidirectional rotatable bezel. Its engraved 60-minute graduation allows a diver to monitor diving time. The decompression stops accurately and, therefore, safe. If you are looking for a watch that gives you the freedom to explore the depth of the sea, then this is an excellent choice.

How to Buy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner?

  • You can buy Online along with a Certificate of Authenticity by clicking here.
  • You can buy offline by finding Rolex authorized dealer in your area.